Bachelor in Multimedia and Internet Careers, Elbeuf, France
I get a kick out of breathing new life into older websites, giving them a cool, fresh vibe. Plus, I love diving into creating brand new sites, injecting them with fun and innovative ideas that really speak to their owners' personalities!

3 words to describe myself:
Curious, Autonomous, Rigourous
My development tools:
Javascript (Native || jQuery || React), PHP (Native || CodeIgniter), MySQL

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My projects

La Reconquête 2031

"La Reconquête" is a significant project stemming from my first year at university, marking my introduction to the world of web design. This endeavor commemorates the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc's disappearance.
This multifaceted project involves creating an interactive website that immerses users in the medieval era, as well as visuals for the event.

Techs used: HTML CSS JS Native

Design date: 07/10/2020

Mon portfolio !

The portfolio you are browsing was started at the beginning of my first year of university and gathers all my development projects, whether academic or personal. I add new features every day, so it is constantly evolving!

Techs used: HTML CSS PHP Native MySQL jQuery JSON

Design date: 11/13/2020


As part of a supervised project during my university, my group decided to revamp the website of a local football club. It was not published and has thus become a fictional project.
However, I decided to keep it for its complex architecture, serving as a showcase for anyone in need of a similar website.

Techs used: HTML CSS JS Native PHP Native MySQL

Design date: 03/17/2022


Stardew Valley is a game that I particularly enjoy. After a few hours of gameplay, I felt the need for a personal and more user-friendly library to fully enjoy the game and its Expanded mod. That's why I decided to build Stardew Valley Villagers!

Techs used: HTML CSS PHP Native JS Native JSON

Design date: 10/19/2023


During my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Technology (BUT), I participated in a Hackathon, and as a team, we produced an innovation.
Introducing, MaïChef!

Techs used: HTML CSS

Design date: 11/17/2023

Monarchy Mayhem

Monarchy Mayhem is a video game that we developed as a team during our third year of the Bachelor of Technology (BUT) program. From scratch, we designed the game using Unity and the C# language, developed the website in PHP, and orchestrated a comprehensive communication campaign to promote the entire project.
It was a total success, and the game is currently available on

Techs used: HTML CSS PHP Native MySQL JSON

Design date: 02/20/2024

XML Parser

A simple page for parsing XML files of your choice. Unlike some others, this one doesn't crash when given a sizable XML.

Techs used: HTML CSS PHP Native JS Native AJAX

Design date: 04/22/2024

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